Visiting Lab: Maps, Transportation, & Parking

Historic Campus

Judd Hall
5835 S. Kimbark
Chicago, IL 60637

Earl Shapiro Hall

5800 S. Stony Island Ave.
Chicago, IL 60637

Visitor Parking

All Lab visitors may use the UChicago parking lot located at Stony Island Avenue and 60th Street. Space availability varies throughout the day.

Parking at Earl Shapiro Hall

Street parking may be available near ESH along the Midway Plaisance or on Stony Island Avenue, but parking is restricted immediately in front of the building on the west side of Stony Island Avenue.

Visitor spots at Earl Shapiro Hall are for visitors conducting school business.

Parking at the Historic Campus

Street parking can be found along Midway Plaisance and the surrounding streets. Parking on the north side of 59th Street from Dorchester to Kimbark is restricted during the school day, and cars left unattended will be ticketed.

There are a limited number of visitor spots along Kimbark Avenue for visitors conducting school business. Please make sure to only use spaces clearly marked in orange for Lab visitors. You must obtain and display a pass from the Security Desk in the Judd Hall lobby (5835 S. Kimbark) between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m.

Visitor guidelines for educators/researchers

If you are an educator or researcher wishing to visit Lab, kindly note the following guidelines and process to request a visit. 

What to expect when you visit LabYou can reasonably expect to receive a tour of the Historic Campus or the Early Childhood Campus. You will receive an overview of the Schools, observe community spaces, and see a classroom (though classroom visits are not guaranteed). You may choose to visit a particular division (N–2, Lower School, Middle School, or High School), and you will have the opportunity to spend time with an administrator in one of those divisions. Preferences are taken into consideration, but not guaranteed. Photos are not permitted. 

Visitor days 2019–2020

  • Thursday, February 20
  • Thursday, April 16
  • Thursday, May 21

Visitor day schedule9 a.m. Arrival and security check at 5835 Kimbark Ave. The Laboratory Schools has limited parking. If you park on Kimbark Avenue, please be sure to receive a parking permit when you check in with security. 

9:30 a.m.–Noon During this time you will receive your tour, overview of the Schools, as well as the opportunity to meet with an administrator   

How to request a visitPlease complete this form in order to request a visit. (Note: do not use this form if you are a parent/guardian considering Lab for your child. Instead, please see our Admissions webpages for details about that process. Also, do not use this form if you are pursuing a partnership with the Laboratory Schools.)

Deadline to request a visit is the first day of the month in which the visit is to take place.

Spend the afternoon exploring other University of Chicago AttractionsThe University of Chicago Laboratory Schools is part of the larger University of Chicago campus—known for its architectural highlights, unique traditions, notable alumni, voluminous libraries and bookstores, famous dining locations, and delightful food trucks. To plan your afternoon, click here for more information.

Visitor Check-in

Lab and the University of Chicago work in partnership to ensure that our campus is safe for all those who work and learn here. All visitors must check in at the lobby Security Desk in Earl Shapiro Hall, Blaine Hall, or Judd Hall when they arrive. University of Chicago employees are asked to show their University ID card. All other visitors are asked to turn in a state- or government-issued ID. Visitors will be issued an identification badge and lanyard that must be worn while on the Lab campus and returned to the Security Desk before departure. Upon returning the visitor lanyard, the visitor’s identification will be returned.