Children may be dropped off at school starting at 8:15 a.m. Staff will be at the curbside to assist children exiting vehicles. Parents are asked not to exit the vehicles while in the carline as this disrupts the flow of traffic. Parents should remain in the vehicle and allow staff to open doors for children. All children must exit the vehicle on the side of the curb.

At Earl Shapiro Hall, the car line is in the school driveway. Enter at the north end only from southbound Stony Island Avenue, and proceed to the south doorway.

At the Historic Campus, the car line operates along 59th Street. Cars should pull up to the Blaine Hall entrance to drop off children.

For the afternoon carline pick-up, children will be brought to you. Pull up as cars ahead of you move away. Do not open car doors until stopped at the curb. Parents should be prepared to operate seat belts to buckle your child into the vehicle, as staff is not allowed to do this.

Complimentary Bus Service

Summer Lab offers complimentary bus service, which is a safe, convenient, and green transportation option for families.

New in 2017 - We are pleased to announce our complimentary bus service will depart from Lab at the 5:30 pm conclusion of our Sports Camps, in addition to the 3:00 pm departures.

The bus stops for this new service are 13th/Indiana, Navy Pier and Lincoln Park Zoo.

The Summer Lab Office must receive the bus registration form by May 15. Children may not ride the bus if the Summer Lab Office does not have a registration form on file.

Please click here for Summer Lab 2017 Complimentary Bus Registration Form

Please click here for Summer Lab 2017 Bus Schedules


Bicycle racks are located outside the U-High entrance of the Historic Campus. At Earl Shapiro Hall, the bicycle rack is in front of the lobby entrance. Bicycles my not be brought into the school building for storage.