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Seasons on Mars

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Weather Forecasts

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Martian Summer

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Stormy Mars

Investigation V
Probing Earth and Mars


Investigation VI
Life on Mars

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Getting to Mars

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Exploring Mars

Letter from the Editors

We are searching for some good reporters to write stories about news and weather for our Martian Sun-Times. Are you up to the challenge? If so, here are some cool links for you to examine. Click on the links at the left to find some investigations that will get your creative mind working! Hope to hear from you!
your editors,
Flo and Jeff

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3-D Martian Photo Gallery
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Mars, the Bringer of War
From The Planets Suite by Gustav Holst
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Mars in Popular Culture

Links Used in Investigations

Mars Today Image
Mars: All Sun All The Time?

Mars Today, created by Howard Houben of the Mars Global Circulation Model group, shows current conditions on Mars and its relationship to Earth in four panels.

Weather Maps Image
Getting Down to Earth: See the U.S.A in a Brand New Way


Up-to-date satellite image from the Weather Machine, available through the University of Illinois, Department of Atmospheric Sciences.

Satelite Weather Map
USA Weather: It's All in Vane

Satellite weather map of the USA from WXP, a general purpose weather visualization tool for near-realtime and archived meteorological data. WXP is a product of the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at Purdue University.

Weather Symbols: No Groundhogs Here

Table of weather symbols from the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at Purdue University.

International Weather Maps: The Rain in Spain Falls Mainly on the Plain

World-wide weather from Accuweather.

USA - Visible Light and Infrared: Put Your Head in the Clouds

Olympus Mons Image
Olympus Mons: Always Cloaked in Clouds?

Olympus Mons - Largest volcano in the entire solar system!

Red Mars Image
Pathfinder Sunset View: Pink Sky at Night, Martian's Delight?

Pathfinder photo of pink Martian sunset.

Mars Temperature Image
A Day's Temperatures on Mars: It's a Cold Cruel World

Average daily Martian temperatures, showing warmest time and latitude.

Mars Temperatures-clear Image
Mars Temperatures With Clear Atmosphere: Cool!

Comparison of surface and atmospheric temperatures on an average Martian clear day.

Mars Temperature-dusty Image
Mars Temperatures With Dusty Atmosphere: Dust Gets in my Eyes

Comparison of average surface and atmospheric temperatures on Mars during a dust storm.

Nighttime Temperatures on Mars

A map of the data from Pathfinder showing nighttime temperatures on the surface of Mars.

Mars Seasons Image
Martian Seasonal Temperatures:
It's Not the Heat, It's Not the Humidity


Graph showing how Mars' temperature changes with latitude during the Martian year.

Ocean Temperatures: Dip, Dip Today?

Sea surface temperatures around the globe from the Space Science and Engineering Center (SSEC) at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

Whole Earth Catalog Of Temperatures

This is a Mollweide projection composite image of cloud top, synoptic observation and sea surface temperatures. This World Composite is generated at the University of Wisconsin Space Science and Engineering Center.

This image is updated at 20 minutes past the hour at 2am, 8am, 2pm, and 8pm Eastern Time.

Meteorite: The Secret of Life?

NASA has made a startling discovery that points to the possibility that a primitive form of microscopic life may have existed on Mars more than three billion years ago. The research is based on a sophisticated examination of an ancient Martian meteorite that landed on Earth some 13,000 years ago.

The evidence is exciting, even compelling, but not conclusive. It is a discovery that demands further scientific investigation. NASA is ready to assist the process of rigorous scientific investigation and lively scientific debate that will follow this discovery.

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Mars Pathfinder Project Information


The 'Face on Mars'

From the Malin Space Science Systems


Highest-Resolution View of "Face on Mars"

From the Malin Space Science Systems

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