Wonder Island

By Sydney Lawson

At first I was going sailing with my friend Susan. As we sailed along, the bright sun went behind a cloud. A few minutes later it also started to get windy. It was pretty dark as well. Suddenly the wind pushed us and pushed us to this weird looking island. We got off the boat onto the island. We walked around. It looked peaceful.

It had great big mountains with snow on the top that never melted. The mountains also had a waterfall. It had a pond that had shells on the bottom of the pond. It also had a deep dark cave. "I wonder what's in that cave," Susan and I thought.

There were a bunch of palm trees all in one cluster. They had big coconuts at the top.

While we walked around to explore, it stopped raining. We kept on wondering if there's anything in the cave.

It was about lunch time. We both were pretty hungry.We walked over to the cluster of palm trees and gathered some of the fallen coconuts. Soon it was about four o' clock. We both thought that our parents would be worried.

"We have to tell them that were okay and that were on some kind of weird island."

"Youre right but how?"

"Good question," replied Susan. "We don't know our way back."

Later it was six o'clock. We got two large sticks for spear fishing. We each caught fish for our dinner. Finally it stopped raining. We walked down to the pond to get a drink. Susan said," this island is nice but I kind of want to go home."

"Yeah but I don't really want to leave without figuring out if there's anything in the cave.

"Me too," replied Susan.

Pretty soon we both were pretty tired. The stars came up. Susan slept on one side of the boat and I slept on the other.

Morning rose and the sun had come out. We ate some coconuts for breakfast. "Remember that were going to go in the cave today, said Susan.

"Yes, I know," I replied.

Then we went over to the deep dark cave and started to walk in. We walked deeper into the cave. It was really dark in there. Suddenly we fell into this pit. As we hit the ground hard, we thought that we would never get out.

Susan felt something harder than a rock. My eyes adjusted to the the darkness. Then I figured out that it was a chest. That cheered us both up. We were still worried about getting out of the pit and the island. We tried climbing up the side, but we fell to the ground. After a few more tries we finally got out. We also managed to bring the chest with us, as well. "I'm so glad that were out of that pit," said Susan.

"Me too," I replied.

"Now we have to figure out how to get home," said Susan<> . "We have a sail boat but we don't know how to get back. The wind took us here."

''Yeah, but we have to try it's the only way," said Susan.

We got on the sail boat. We started to sail away. We had sailed about a half hour. Then we ran into a whale. Luckily it was a nice whale. We kept on sailing. We didn't know where we were going.

Suddenly we heard some kind of noise in the sky. We looked up. It was a helicopter. It dropped down this big ladder. A man yelled down. "PEOPLE KNOW THAT YOU HAVE BEEN STRANDED ON SOME ISLAND! IT'S BEEN ON THE NEWS'!"

I started climbing up the ladder with the chest. Susan went after me. "Thank you very much," we said. "Sure, "said the man, it's my job."

It was about two hour fly. We landed in a big airfield. It was not a far walk from home so we walked home. We still had the chest with us. our parents had heard that we were rescued. We saw our parents on the side walk. We ran to them they were very happy to see us. We told them everything about the cave and all. We cracked open the chest. There were jewels, gold pieces and all sort of treasures. We were all very happy.

Later we walked to the police station. We told the chief about the chest. "Wow! This should be put in a museam, he said. We agreed to it.

Later we were rewarded. We were both happy that we brought the chest back.



The mountains on my island have snow on the top that never melts. It also has a waterfall. It's called Waterfall Mountain.


Lots of whales dwell around the island. That's why the ocean is named Whale Ocean. Some of the whales are black and some are gray. Most of the whales are nice.


On my island the pond has shells at the bottom. That's why it's named Shell Pond.


On my island it has a cave called Cave Of Tresures. It has a forbidden pit in the cave, but the pit has a tresure chest.

The other islands: