Sam's Island

By Sam Larson

We were flying to Africa with Nana and Papa. When I heard a loud blast of air, I suspected that we just gained altitude. Then air masks came down from the ceiling and the captain said from the cockpit, "The pressure in the cabin is unstable. Please do not be alarmed."

It was then that my seat was ejected from the plane. I closed my eyes so that the pressure would not compress them. The forty hundred foot drop made me sick and I knew in ten seconds my guts would be scattered on that island below me!

Just as I felt my demise was certain, I crashed into the water of a small pond. As soon as I felt the water close around me, I started to unbuckle myself. I found that the buckle was jammed from the distressful fall. I struggled to get free of the seat when my lungs coughed for air. Just then I remembered the life preserver under my seat.

By the time I awoke I was being carried through a jungle that smelled like ginger. I looked down to see who was carrying me. What I saw was a band six warriors wearing cheetah and sea elephant skin. I thought that they were taking me to there village or city. "Jam," yelled a loud voice from the side.

As I heard the voice, I turned my head to see another group of warriors dressed in just sea elephant skins. When the other group of warriors heard the call, they quickly but gently put down the wooden carrier which I was being carried. The group of warriors carrying me prepared to fight the other group of warriors. After that I remember no more about the fight.

I awoke, in a beautiful house made of what smelled like ginger wood. Once I was awake noticed that there was a fire that gave off the lovely smell of ginger and there were many flower wreathes around the house. There was a sound of someone walking toward me so I stood up and ran to a window two or three feet away. As I was about to jump through the open window a little girl saw me and said in a foreign language (but I understood it), "Stop."

As I felt my feet touch ground I was seized and told that I would be sacrificed to the great Volcano god Estal. They fed me and later gave me the tour of the island before the sun went down.

The next day they took me and the seat that had floated to the top of the pond. They threw me on top of a carrying board and carried me to the volcano.

The volcano was soon to erupt so they said their prayers and their chant and threw me in and ran as fast as they could. Because as they threw me in the volcano erupted and it shot me up to the plane also burning a few villagers. That is where my story ends.


Some facts I learned about my island:

The river is called Rat River. The source of the river is Death Lake. It has massive rapids that go left, right, left, right, left, and so on. It has no water falls. The rats live next to the rapids.

The R dunes block the cheetahs from killing everything. They are fifty feet long and twenty feet wide.

The swamp is called Poison Swamp. It is 1/4 of a mile from Cheetah Cave. It is also 1/16 of a mile from the volcano. The swamp has a high level of poisons gases. That is why they call it Poison Swamp.

The volcano on my island is called Ash Volcano, House of the god Estal. The volcano is about five hundred feet high and two hundred feet wide.

The northern village is called Ashy Village. It has five huts, four for the commoners and one for the chief. The huts for the commoners were made of wood from Ginger jungle. The hut for the chief was made of wood from the jungle and skin sea elephants.

The southern village is called Vasy Village. It also has four huts for the commoners and one hut for the chief but the chief's hut is made of wood from ginger jungle, cheetah skin and sea elephant skin.

The mountain in my story is called Worm Mountain. It is one hundred feet long and thirty feet wide sixty feet high. It happens to look like a giant worm.

The cliff is called Elephant Cliff. The reason for its name is that lots and lots of sea elephants gather there. The cliff is a fifty foot drop on to the beach below. It is also fifty feet from Vasy Village.

The End

The other islands: