San Martinique

By Keir Harris


As Chris went to bed on Thursday, he thought about the movie he just saw, " Village of the Damned". He really liked the movie and he thought it would be cool to have the children on San Martinique along with him and all of his friends. The big fair was coming on Saturday just like in the movie. Everyone was going to be there. Chris decided to call his friend Josh. But as he picked up the phone his mother Suzanne said, "Chris its eleven thirty. Go to bed."


"Chris wake up!" His mom called.

"Just ten more minutes mom."

Get up now! It's 10:00 get up.

WOOHW! The fair starts in an hour .

"No ----. Now get up. O.K. no need to get harsh. Now what should I wear."

'You are starting to sound like your sister, Chris.

"Well I don't know what to wear. I'll call Josh he'll know. "

"No you won't. " Why don't you wear this nice sweater grandma made for you.

She didn't make it she bought it from a gas station. Chris.

Well it's true.

Never mind that just get dressed.

Mom what is it Michelle.

Lets go.

Chris isn't ready.

Well make him get ready. Lets go. O.K. I'm finally dressed lets go. We'll pick up breakfast at McDonald's. Its on the way the fair.


"Hello! Welcome to McDonald's may I take your order."

"Yes I'd like one small one medium and one large orange juice and three Crescents."

"Sure mam that will be $ 5.10 please drive up to the second window. Thank you and have a nice day. "


As Suzanne, Michelle and Chris were driving to the fair, they heard these pretty soft whispers fly over the sky. They didn't think anything of it so just kept driving. Once they got to the fair they started mild conversation, which eventually died. There weren't many people there so they were starting to think something weird was happening. Chris decided to call Josh from the cell phone in the Jeep. As Chris waited and waited for someone to answer the phone he thought, "what if everyone fainted for six hours. Naa! It couldn't happen.

Soon people started arriving. The reason why people were late was because on that side of town there was a major accident with a major traffic jam.

Everyone was starting to have a good time.

In some ways it was like a carnival. There was this one food stand that alot of people liked. They would make you anything and everything that was edible. Some people were curious about their secret recipe . The fair was a once in a lifetime experience. As the fair started to end some people, women in particular were getting stomach cramps. As everyone was leaving this one lady screamed so loud the eardrums of everyone in the Tri County area broke down. Some man was hurling on her car. The man was so freaked out that he fainted.


All the women that ate from that stand with the wonder food felt gigantic lumps in their stomachs. It obviously looked like they were pregnant. But they weren't so sure. So each of the ladies called the doctor at the same time. All of them were pregnant.

Coincidence? Miracle? No one knows the answer.

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