By Jane Sinaiko

Well I was flying over the ocean when my plane just ran out of gas. I tried to fly to a safer place but I couldn't because there were a lot of sharks in the water.

The mountains are about all the same size and that is 4,000 feet high. Oh and the lake: you can only drink the water, not swim, because there are little sharks in the water and they have not been eating for a long time. And so if you went in the water they might eat you.

Well there are other huts, but you cannot see them. The real only food are coconuts and tiger meat. Sometimes the tribe has a camp fire meeting and every one comes from either side of the island. There are a lot of palm trees on my island.

My island is like Hawaii and the only people that are naked are the children. Oh on my island the really only dangerous Animals are the lions, and tigers, and bears oh my. Leopards ,and wolves, and poisonous snakes are like the only bad animals on my island. The blue thing on my island is a waterfall and it is about 400 or 500 hundred feet tall.

Island Facts


Well my river has a big waterfall. And it has a mouth right by the sharks. No my river does not have any rapids or a delta. And the source us right in the pond were the waterfall ended.


The mountains have a lot of ice and snow on them. If you come here all the mountains are the same size. One mountain you can go inside and look at all the things that are about mountains.

Palm Trees

All the palm trees have a lot of coconuts. The palm trees are very very tall and on the top of the palm tree you can sit and look at the whole island.

Sand Dunes

On the sand dunes you cannot climb because you can get killed by an avalanche and if you don't get away and you don't get hit by an avalanche, then at the top of the sand dunes you will see something very pretty.


In the forest there are a lot of tigers and they have been starving for years because the people don't feed them so if you go in their territory you might get killed. And you know that tigers are orange with black stripes but the tigers here have black bodies with orange stripes.


My people are always inside and on the map you can see the king's slave girls getting water for his people. They eat meat from the animals they find in the forest. And since it is so hot, they use a black sauce pan to heat up the meat because black attracts the sun.


Well on my island it never rains nor snows or any thing. My island is like Hawaii because it is very hot too hot to be outside all day.


All the seasons are the same on my island because it is always a 100 degrees outside.


My people always go to church and pray for someone to come and bring them to a safer island. Their gods are kind of like a Buddha's. No they do not trade because if they do, the king will find out and the people will have to give whatever they traded to the king.


Instead of using money they use food. And to go to town they would have to take a boat.

The other islands: