One day two brothers named Jack and John were going to the Island of Bermuda to see their aunt. Jack and John are the same age, 11. When they got to the airport the plane was all ready to go, so Jack and John said good bye and got on the plane. The plane got on the runway and took off. After a little bit Jack and John went to sleep for about 2 hours. Then John woke up and heard a noise like a cloth tearing.

"Jack, Jack wake up."

"What do you want John."

"Did you hear that ripping noise"!

" No."

"There it goes again."

"That time I heard it. Let's go tell the pilots," Jack said.

"OK," said John.

So they walked down the isle to get to the cockpit, and when Jack and John got there, they opened the door Jack and John screamed their heads off: "THERE'S NO PILOT!!!!"




Then Jack and John fainted. About 2 hours later Jack woke up and fainted again because the plane was on fire because of the tear in the plane.

"Jack are you there."

"Yes. John are you there?"

"Yes Jack."

"That means we are alive."

"John I think we are on a beach. We must have landed here when the plane got on fire."

"The plane got on fire?"

"Yes it sure did. When you were asleep"

"My back feels bad," said John.

"So does my head. Can you walk?" said Jack.

"I don't think so," said Jack.

"John, John I feel like I'm rising!"

"I do too!" said John

"Oooga maga oooga maga." "What's that?" said Jack

"I don't know. It sounds like chanting."

"There must be people on this Island. We are saved!!" John said.

"There must be a village some place on this Island with food and clothes."

"Were going down," said Jack

"Hey you two kids."

"Who said that?" said Jack.

"Hi my name is Danny. I'm one of the pilots."

"I'm going to kill you," John Said.

"Why?" said Danny

"because you jumped out of an airplane and 4 hours later the plane caught on fire. That's why I'm going to kill you," Jack yelled.

"I'm sorry Danny, but you're going to have to leave now unless you want to get killed by Jack. OK Danny," John said.

"Fine I will, but beware!!"


On my island there is a pond and a river. The river flows all the way down near the other end of the island and then comes to the pond. The source of the river is a water fall, and the source of that is snow and rain.

The weather on my island can be hot and cold at the same time. That means it could be raining and be hot at the same time or it could be freezing cold when it's 124°ree;.

Animals on my island
The animals on my Island can be nice and can not be nice. The meanest animal is the 12 foot living dead spider. The spider could snap a human in half in one bite. There are only 12 of them on my island. The nicest animal is a three and a half foot tall Droppy. They eat bugs and fruit. There are only 124 of droppys on the Island. Also there are lions, bears, and other animals.

The people on my Island
People on my Island are very nice because it's a peaceful island. But when they have wars, they can be very brutal.

The other islands: