War Island

By Dave La Point

The cruise for Super Nintendo characters was leaving the docks, creating a small wave. The cruise had Mega Man X and Zero (Mega Man's companion), Earthworm Jim and Crono T.T.B.'s (Time Traveling Band) . Everybody in Crono's T.T.B. means Crono, Marle and Lucca. They call themselves the T.T.B. because it's shorter than Crono's Time Traveling Band and that's what they do. But they're a fighting band, not a musical band.

When they had left the docks, everyone went down to the target practice room and the gym to exercise.

That night while they were all sleeping, there was a tremendous crash that woke them up. When they exited their cabin, they were met by huge War Robots. Crono's T.T.B formed a circle outside their cabin. Jim whipped out his plasma gun and blasted the nearest War Robot while forming a circle with X and Zero, who were making good use with there arm cannons, blasting the War Robots quickly.

Crono, Marle and Lucca were also doing a good job of fighting the War Robots by using combination attacks, single attacks and magic attacks. The battle raged back and forth, but nobody was winning. When X, Zero, Jim, Crono, Marle and Lucca made a bigger circle, they started taking turns. But X and Zero always were blasting away the War Robots.

When they were all in a circle of four with two people resting inside the circle, they started forming a plan together. "We can't hold them off for ever, you know," X said as he charged up his X-buster and blasted nearly five robots at once.

"Agreed, but what are we supposed to do?" asked Lucca with a soft groan as she took Marle's place and blasting a robot at the same time.

"Well, I have question for all of you. Have you guys noticed that the boat has crashed on land?" Zero asked as he jumped up, making an opening to middle, but coming down on the robot as it tried to get to the middle of the circle.

"Yes, I do" remarked Jim as he stood on X's broad shoulders.

"So, how do we get to the island?" asked Crono while at the same time slicing a War Robot like lightning, blowing it in half.

"Exactly what I was thinking, but how?" asked X with frown.

"Let's rush 'em," said Zero with a nasty smile.

"That's exactly what we're going to do but you are not going to stay behind and blast some butt Zero," yelled X over the now screaming War Robots.

"Well tough for you buddy boy, I do as I like, and nothing is going to stop me," protested Zero.

Then all of the sudden, there was a bright flash. "Now!" bellowed X and with a quick dash they all were on there way so quick, the War Robots didn't have time to react.

X had dashed right down the middle of the War Robot that one stuck out it's foot. X was quick enough to jump but the War Robot itself moved in his way. X then used his air dash move, flying over the War Robots.

When they jumped onto land, they immediately turned around and started pushing the cruise boat. The cruise boat wouldn't budge. Then there was another bright flash and all of the sudden there was Zero. "Where were you?" asked Jim as he watched Crono, Marle and Lucca push with all there might. "Well, if you must know" Zero said in a hateful voice. "X merged with me so I wouldn't stay behind," said Zero. "It was for your own good," remarked X. Then Jim, X and Zero dashed towared and rammed the cruise boat. It moved. When they noticed that, they all backed up and charged the cruise boat with all force.


The cruise boat looked like it was going to fly away like a bird. The cruise boat all of the sudden started drifting off. The cruise boat all of the sudden had a hole in the side. Crono, Marle and Lucca looked back to see Jim's blaster smoking. They all went at the cruise boat with blasts a million. Crono and Marle used wind combination magic to get the boat farther out to the ocean so when the boat exploded, the scraps of burning metal wouldn't hit them. They started using everything they had to destroy the boat except the weapons they used for close combat.


The boat exploded with such force, it knocked everybody down and unconscious.

When X awoke, he was surrounded by more War Robots. "Oh @#!$%," muttered Zero, who was close by.

"Lucca, do you know how powerful these War Robots are?" X asked as he turned on his side to see Lucca right beside him.

"I have no idea X, but they look stronger, quicker, agile and tougher than the last batch we fought," said Lucca with a sigh of bordem and disappointment.

"Hello, they didn't disarm us. I wonder why," said Jim with a slight sound as if he was saying `come on let's rush `em'.

"May I ask what good that would do?" asked Lucca with another sigh.

X all of the sudden jumped up and blasted at the War Robots so quickly, the Robots shot back either in alarm or from X's blast. Zero also jumped up and helped his companion with twice as powerful blasts. Pretty soon everyone was up and fighting with all of their might. When the War Robots noticed that they couldn't win, they ran off. Everybody was breathing hard. "Well, I'll say they're everything Lucca said and maybe too strong for us. So, lets improve are fighting skills," suggested Marle.

"And how are we supposed to do that?" asked Crono.

"Well, when we fought with those War Robots, they lost some bolts and some other stuff," said Marle as she picked up a arm that was a blaster for a robot. "Oh, I understand what you mean, Zero and I can use are blasters to make to make these tools to upgrade are weapons," said X.

The next day after they had upgraded their weapons, they set out to find the War Robots. X had upgraded his blaster to make it four times more powerful. He can also take four times the damage anywhere on his body and head, and he can dash four times quicker and four times the distance. Zero's blaster was upgraded to make it twice as powerful. He can take twice the damage anywhere on his body and head and he can dash twice as fast and twice the distance. Jim's Suit can take four times the damage and his blaster can do four times the damage. Crono's blade can do four times the damage and his armor can take four times the damage. Same with Marle and Lucca. But Marle also made some Bomb Arrows. Bomb Arrows are arrows with bombs at the ends that explode when they hit there target. They all set off determined and strong.

They crossed the Army Mountains with ease. They fought the away teams of War Robots. When they found the main pack of War Robots, they fought a mighty battle that lasted five days and four nights.

They found boats by the burning house and went down River Rapids so quickly, that all of Crono's T.T.B. threw up. Then they went down a 500 mile drop!

When they landed in a dock in Florida, they immediatly started toward the cruise boats and found where the War Robots were working and destroyed the War Robots quickly.

The End

The other islands: