The Forbidden Island of E??????

By Daniel Simmons

Hello, this is your time travel guide for this trip. There once was an island that existed 5% of the time on earth and the other 95% outside the space time continuum. "Get ready kids to travel back in time from year 5000 to year 2000. Sit back but please don't relax. Then we will be on our way to the mystical Forbidden Island of E??????. "

Four hours later we appeared on the island. All the children shouted yeah for joy and ran off to play but I quickly yelled and said, "Remember don't touch anything until the spaceship crashes. Then you should start to feel like ghosts. But still never go near the statues. Stay at least five feet away and don't get any closer. "

After the children were out of sight, I stepped through the 37,000 degree F water shield. Then I transformed back into a 15 year old king again. ( I was king of the island. ) I stepped into the lake, and turned myself into a fish, and once I got to the bottom of the lake I turned back human and drilled 50 feet under the lake. Then I appeared in front of my beautiful castle with a ruby door knob, stained glass windows, crystal fences, diamond towers, iron angel statues in front of the castle, a draw bridge made of gold, a beautiful pond below. I forgot how beautifully it sparkled. It sparkled so much the devil himself would fall in love with an angel.

I walked through the fence, then into the garden with a variety roses, marigolds, tulips, daffodils, sunflowers, blossoms, lilies, daisies, and irises. I crossed the drawbridge and I entered my castle. I greeted the queen ( no relation, not married or anything). The queen greeted me with a beautiful strawberry cheese cake, with the freshest strawberries from the orchard.

I asked the queen if the spaceship had landed yet. She answered with the answer I dreaded most that the spaceship did not crash land. I was afraid that the children had gone to the tree of spirits and must have gotten the ability to fly from those demon apples. Curse them! Let them stay the form they are until the queen and I are dead! Then the queen said" At this rate those kids should be half way up Tablet Mountain".

"No this can't be I have to stop them," I said angrily, and flashed like a bolt of lightning to the top of the mountain and pushed them off the edge and they fell into a pile of pillows.

That darn guard of eternal life didn't do his chore. Wish those kids had smashed into the ground and I could have fried their little brains in a skillet and fed it to my dragon. He would love to have them for dinner.

Later on the kids started to wander around the island, hopelessly lost because they kept passing Death Canyon and Tablet Mountain. Then finally they decided to go in either Tablet Mountain or Death Canyon. They have the ability to fly, so let's try Death Canyon. Everyone agreed they didn't want to get knocked off again by the king but there was something about the king, that seemed familiar. "Any way", they said, "Walking into DEATH CANYON shouldn't be that bad I think".

It seemed like we'd been walking for miles. Soon the canyon seemed to get darker and darker and darker until it was darker than night itself. Then the oldest kid remembered that there's a reason why they call Death Canyon "Death Canyon": because anyone who goes in gets gobbled up like bacon by a creature that's half anaconda, half dragon, half cannibal, and it was in front of them and the oldest one yelled, "run".

They flew off back into the light were the thing couldn't go. But the sad news was that the youngest kid didn't make it as they headed up Tablet Mountain they cried.

Meanwhile the queen was making a plan that would destroy earth. When all of a sudden I zipped in the room like lightning and screamed because of those bratty kids. "They are at the top of Tablet Mountain and are trying to read the Great Name of the Island. Not only will the fortresses and the guards disappear forever, but we will shrivel up and die!"

"Now, now, these children don't know Greek," said the queen. "

"Oh! Yeah! These kids are from year 5000. Greek is the international language, but it should take them some to figure it out anyway. These kids are not supposed to be taught at their fully best until they're 30, so they can't read very well."

Meanwhile on Tablet Mountain the kids spelled each letter out before the king pushed them of the mountain again because there weren't any pillows down there anymore. Soon the oldest one said that he got the word, and the word was "ETHEREAL!" Then the ground began to shake. They heard a voice that sounded like their tour guide, and he said," Curse you little brats. I will be backkkkkkkk!".

And they never heard of him or the queen ever again. Luckily they got the power of invincibility from the bush, eternal life from the red tree, and eternal youth from the purple tree.



The river gets its source from a lake on earth that disappears from time to time. Anyway the river swirls until it comes to a huge black hole. Then the river empties into the hole and then it pours into clouds and that's how it rains on earth.


There once was a mountain on this island but that mountain isn't there now because the rulers of the island caused an earth quake so big that the mountain crumbled and split in half. That's how death canyon was made.

The other islands: