Island story

By Ben West

I'm the captain of a shrimp ship. I was sailing around in the Pacific when a little black dot appeared on the horizon. We sailed closer, but a monster appeared out of nowhere.

It broke the boat right in two and ate about 15 people. I grabbed on to the hull and the monster dissapeared. I floated for about a day and as the dot got closer I could see palm trees. Finally I hit land and fell asleep.

When I woke, I saw a baboon-looking thing standing over me. Two of them grabbed me, but I was to weak too fight so they carried me for a couple of days. When we got there, they put me in a wooden cage. A couple of hours later they brought their leader to me. He pointed at me and then pointed at the dunes. Two strong looking guards picked up my cage and took me on a very bumpy ride through the dunes. Finally they put me down about three miles away from their camp and let me go, and in a couple of minutes they disappeared behind the dunes.

Immediately I ran toward the mountains. I could see them getting closer. I finally got to the foot of a mountain. I saw a stream and some woods. There was a lot of food around. There were roots and berries and some deer.

I made my home in a cave on the side of the mountain. I made a door for the cave entrance. The cave was fairly small. It went 25 or 30 feet into the mountain.

About a year passed. I began to miss home and civilization. One day I decided to go the ocean to see if there was any hope of getting home. When I got in sight of the camp of monkey men, I saw a ship and not a monkey man in sight. As I got closer I could see people. It was an American diving ship so they took me home and I lived happily ever after.

Island facts


The weather on my island is very hot and humid. Even in the winter, on most of my island it is about 80 degrees It is so hot it is hard for things to grow there.

Monkey Men

The inhabitants on my island are called monkey men. The monkey men are cannibals and will eat anybody. The monkey men believe in a lot of gods and goddesses, like the god of the mountain and the god of the forest. Every two days they sacrifice one of themselves. They don't trade because usually just kill the person and take what they have. The leader of the monkey men is the one that is the strongest.


My river begins in the mountains then goes into a lake and then the ocean. My river is very cold because it comes from the mountains.

The other islands: