Raffiki Island

By Becky Levine

I was having a dream, about leaving the country and going to an Island that no one has ever discovered. Suddenly I woke up and I was on a ship going some where. I don't know how I got on the ship or when I got on it. My mind was directing me where to go. Finally I saw land. I went straight to it. A minute later I was out of the boat and on to the Island. There were no people,but a lot of animals. They seemed to be talking in a language I think is called gibberish. I saw a penguin mountain. It looked to be 7,000 feet high. all the the penguins were sliding down the mountain into the river. There was one penguin going down on one side of the mountain and on the other there was a big line.

Coming through the mountain there was a river. The river was so long animals would give tours,on little canoes. I asked the animals what the mouth of the river was. They replied quickly, "It is Bay of Sagul."

They must have read my mind because after they said what the mouth of the river was they told me the source, wich was lake of Bibeejiby. In the middle of the Island there were sand dunes. I think there was a beach there before, but the water probably dried up. Whenever an animal wanted to sun bathe, the dunes were he place to be. All day some animals would stay there baking in the sun.

The weather was very nice but some days you would get a gust of wind. The only place it got very cold was down by the glaciers. The only animals that lived there were the seals and sea lions.

The most exciting thing on the Island was the cave of the lost dwarves. The dwarves were the closest animal to people that the Island had,but the dwarves were last seen so long ago that nobody remembers when they were on the Island.

I think that's about it. I'm anxious to know more about the Island, especially the cave.



The Mountains of the Penguins are exactly 6,999 feet tall. The penguins live on the Mountain. All day they would stand in a line on one side and on the other one would slide down on their bellies. During night they would sleep like theyed never slept before. But the next day they were up and doing their routine.


The weather on the Island is very nice, especally on the sand dunes. But when you get to the Ocean where the glacier is, it's very cold. There seems to be another season on the Island. It's sort of like fall.

Sand dunes

The sand dunes on the Island had been there because a beach used to be there but the lake dried up. Now there are little tiny boppers that live on them,and now that's why they call the sand dunes," sand dunes of the tiny boppers." The sand dunes are the place were everybody goes to sun bathe. Some animals stay there all day like a lazy bum.


The river on the Island is 4,000 feet long. On the river animals give tours to anybody for free. That's what some animals do all day. But if they want a nice break, they would go to the sand dunes and sun bathe!

Rain forest

In the rain forest all kinds of animals live. But there are mostly Biebiyjeebies. Everybody who lives in the rain forest listens to them. There are sort of the leaders of the rain forest. The Biebiyjeebies are very small. They are kind of like Elves and sort of like halflings.


The cave of the dwarves is the most enchanting thing on the Island. The dwarves were there so long that nobody remembers when they were on the Island. But if you go into the cave, you might see them if you're lucky,and you might get something very peculiar but fascinating!

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