Seagull Island

By Ashley Jay Kramer

My family and I went sailing. I was sitting in the back of the boat when the water got rough. I started looking at the waves that were rising up high above the back of the boat. Then my mom said , "Toby where do you keep the life jackets? The water is getting too rough."

"In the compartment underneath the right, seat," replied my father. My mother opened the compartment and handed me a bright orange life jacket. She then asked me if I would come and sit in the cockpit. I made a move to get up but as I did a wave came over the back of the boat and washed me over. I felt a hard blow at the back of my head and saw my mother's face starting to swirl around me. Then everything went black.

I woke up on a hot sandy beach. My arms and legs were bruised and scraped. I made an attempt to get to my feet. The cry of a seagull sent me reeling backwards. I finally managed to get to my feet and I started to climb up the grassy hill. When I reached the top, there was a pond with beautiful fish gliding around in it. I dipped my hand in the water and pulled up a shiny rock that turned out to be a crystal. I put my face closer to the water and a gentle wave lapped up against my lips. I was expecting a salty blast of water, but instead the water was fresh and cool. There wasn't the slightest taste of salt in it. I looked out into the valley and saw a village below. Maybe the people at the village would know why the water was fresh and not salty.

I walked down the hill. Soon I came to a big wooden gate. The wood was rotting and falling apart. I reluctantly grasped the rusty knocker and let it thud noisily to the gate. A few minutes later a small girl came to the gate crying bitterly.

"What is the matter?" I asked the young stranger. The girl looked up to me with dirt smudged cheeks.

"My mother died this morning." she said.

"Is there anything I can do to help?" I said.

"Can you free the seagull of death?" she said.

"The who?"

"Come see my mother." said the girl.

"Oh boy." I groaned as I was led into a shack that was just as bad as the gate. There was an old woman lying on a straw mat in the corner of the hut. She was pleading for water. There was a bucket of water and a dipper. I filled the dipper with water and handed it to the woman.

"Now where is your mother?" I asked the girl.

"This is her." she said.

"But she just talked to me a minute ago and your mother is dead."

"Come closer." came some muffled words from the old hag in the corner. I reluctantly took a few steps until I was closer to the woman. I took a deep ...breath and knelt down beside her. She sat up with all the strength in her body.

"I died this morning." she said. I looked at the old woman, puzzled. She continued " The black seagull of death was not there to lead me to heaven. There was a light on one side and darkness on the other. I didn't know which one to take so I just wandered back to my old sick body. You must free the seagull of death from the evil sorcerer Tartartte. He is holding him captive in the mountains of insanity. The mountain in the middle is his."

"Okay! This is too psychotic for me!", I yelled. "I mean, I'm as up for a nervous breakdown as anybody, but this is enough."

"You must do this. If the seagull of death is not freed by the full moon tomorrow night, nothing will ever die anymore. All the people who are plagued with suffering will live with their suffering forever."

I slowly walked out of the hut thinking, "What is she talking about? The woman has lost her mind." Then I heard an unexpected shout.

"If the seagull touches you, or if you touch the seagull, you will die a hideous death!"

I ran out of the shack scared of what I might hear next if I stayed. I ran for 10 minutes then I felt a tight grip tighten on my shoulder. "Ahhhhhhhhhh!!" I screached as I was roughly thrown around to my feet.

I kicked and lashed around untill I came face to face with a young man. He held me by my shoulders and said, "Only the crystals at the bottom of crystal pond can stop the sorcerer Tartatte. Don't forget, it's the mountain in the middle."

I started to run the minute he let go of me. "Hey where are you going to. Stop, Tartartte," I replied.

"I am coming with you," he yelled as he ran up along side.

I bit my lower lip as I thought, " This guy is cute."

"Hello," he said.

"Earth oh," I snapped out.

"What's your name," he asked.


"Oh, my name is Jack."

He held out his hand. I slid my hand into his. He jerked his arm and then started to run still holding on to my hand. We kept running until we reached the mountains of Insanity.

The other islands: