Lab's Virtual Stores Are Always Open

All books and supplies, available through MBS Direct, may be ordered by visiting our MBS Direct Virtual Bookstore at

P.E. uniforms, Maroons athletic gear, and a selection of parent and alumni spirit wear items are available from Lands' End. Orders can be placed online by clicking here.

Online Textbook & Supply Ordering

As MBS Direct is Lab’s official online bookstore, we want you to know what to expect. First, ordering your textbooks will be simple and straightforward. Developed specifically for Lab, our MBS Direct Virtual Bookstore will be organized according to class names and student schedules and will provide you with real-time inventory when ordering. MBS Direct operates a U.S. based customer service center that is available seven (7) days a week. 1-800-325-3252 or

Here are just a few of the other benefits of this partnership that we think you'll appreciate:

  • Online ordering 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Guarantee that every textbook used by our school will be available for purchase
  • Largest selection of used books in the nation, with each one graded for quality
  • Customer Loyalty program that gives you more back for your textbooks at buyback
  • Most orders filled and shipped within 24 hours
  • Low shipping rates due to MBS Direct's significant shipping volume with UPS
  • Payment options of Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and PayPal

FastPass Ordering:

You may use your student's six-digit Student ID in order to place orders on the MBS Direct Virtual Bookstore. MBS has updated FastPass to better serve our multiple student families. When ordering, start with one student as usual, then, when that student's books are in the cart, click on the "Continue Shopping" button, which takes you back to the FastPass Login Screen. At this point you can continue the process until all of the various students books have been ordered.

What is a Course ID?

When using the Shop by Course feature please note that the Course ID listed on the Virtual Bookstore is a combination of the "Number" and "Section" provided to your student on their schedule. For example, on the Virtual Bookstore, Course ID 9999.1 would be "Number" 9999 and "Section" 1.

Required P.E. Equipment

Students in grades 5-12, who are taking physical education, are required to have one (1) each of the following: T-shirt, Shorts, Sweatshirt, Sweatpants, Lock, and Swim cap (if taking swim). Orders can be placed online by visiting the Lands' End site.

About MBS Direct

Our decision to partner with MBS Direct was made with a great deal of consideration. After researching and exploring all the available online textbook suppliers, MBS Direct was the clear choice to provide textbooks online to our students. They proved to us that they are dedicated to delivering excellent customer service to the Schools and to each of you. The company currently serves hundreds of schools throughout the country and the world. They operate from a distribution complex in Columbia, Missouri with over 7 million textbooks – one of the best selections in the nation. 

Your Thoughts & Comments

We have compiled a page of Frequently Asked Questions and will continue to add to it as we receive feedback from you about acquiring books and supplies online with MBS Direct and Direct Gear. Please send your questions, along with any comments or concerns you may have at anytime. We also would welcome any suggestions you have for specific spirit items and athletic wear we might offer in the future.

We sincerely hope you are as pleased about these partnerships as we are. Information about the ordering process and the buyback will be made available in school publications and on this site, which we suggest you bookmark for future reference.

Having Trouble?

MBS Direct and the Laboratory Schools are committed to helping you should you encounter difficulty in ordering texts and supplies, or selling back books. Your best first course of action is to look over MBSDirect's FAQ page. If that doesn't answer your question, next contact them directly or use their "Chat Live Now" feature. Finally, should your issue still be unresolved, the Schools can assist you. Email your issue to