Middle School

Our Middle School fosters a sense of responsibility to our community. We engage in service and reflection that instill the value of providing time, effort, and resources to others in pursuit of a more just society. Service Learning strengthens our Middle School community, enriches classroom learning, and empowers our students to be thoughtful and effective agents of change.

Service Learning is integrated into the Middle School Advisory program and allows students to participate in community initiatives at various levels through philanthropy, advocacy and direct service. The Service Learning Program pushes our students to define what it means to be active citizens by reflecting on values of stewardship, social responsibility and leadership.

Our Middle School students explore the concepts of community building and responsible citizenship in many ways. Examples include: making and serving meals to community members at the Living Room Cafe, learning about issues of global inequality through the Oxfam America Hunger Banquet, volunteering at community gardens, organizing a book drive and reading books with children from a local school, investigating the connection between science and community by visiting an urban agriculture center, serving as buddies to Lab's Primary and Lower School students, and cleaning and preparing Shady Oaks Camp for people with disabilities.