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  • Health Fair & Recipe Book!

    Posted March 12, 2015

    The Health Fair Recipe Book is now online — download the PDF here! With 68 recipes submitted by families and nearly 100 recipes submitted by fourth graders and sixth graders, you’re sure to find healthy cooking inspiration. Many thanks to all the volunteers who put this together! Read on for the full health fair details...

  • Nominations for 2015-2016 PA Board Positions »

    Posted February 23, 2015

    Nominations are being accepted through Friday, April 3, 2015. Complete the online form or download a PDF version to print and submit. Time commitments vary depending on the position, and unless otherwise noted, all positions are for two-year terms. See PA Job Descriptions for further explanations of the below listed PA Board positions and expected time commitments each entails. Please feel free to contact the PA with questions about the Parents' Association or the activities of the Board.

  • Join the PA Nominations Committee

    Posted January 29, 2015

    The Nominations Committee of the Parents' Association will be starting the nominations process for new Board members for the 2015-2016 school year. The Committee's work will begin soon and be completed around the end of the current school year. Any parents interested in serving on this Standing Committee, please email Mariana Ingersoll or call 773-551-5036.

  • LS Cheer Rallies — January 30 & February 3, Sunny Gym

    Posted January 21, 2015

    Show your school spirit and join your LS friends and families to cheer for the middle school basketball teams on January 30 (Seventh Grade Boys, 4 p.m.; Eighth Grade Boys, 5 p.m.) and February 3 (Seventh Grade Girls, 4 p.m.; Eighth Grade Girls, 5 p.m.) in Sunny Gym.

  • PA speaker series, William Deresiewicz, February 4, 7 p.m., ESH Lobby

    Posted January 21, 2015

    William Deresiewicz, author of Excellent Sheep: The Miseducation of the Elite and the Way to a Meaningful Life will present at the February 4 Parents’ Association meeting. Copies of Excellent Sheep will be for sale at the January PA meeting for $20. If you would like a copy prior to the January meeting , you can also purchase one in the Learning & Counseling offices. Contact Christie Henry or Lauren Collins with questions.

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Rites of May

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November 11, 2013 
Angela Duckworth on "True Grit: Why Effort is As Important As Talent"
From the Parents' Association speaker series.

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