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  • Atomic Learning: Friend of the Digitally Curious

    Posted April 23, 2014

    We field many "how to" questions from folks and occasionally will ask if they have checked Atomic Learning for help. We are often met with a quizzical look or "I don't know how to access it." Let's see if we can help get past some of that.

    For many years, Lab has subscribed to Atomic Learning. In its early days, AL was a place to find brief, narrated "how to" tutorials on popular software. Over the years, its scope has grown to include many additional features useful to educators, including sections on integrating technology into content area instruction, evaluating online resources, digital storytelling, keeping kids safe online, and many more. You can even sign up for a "how to use Atomic Learning" webinar.

    It also includes numerous tutorials on how to use the features of the new Epson BrightLink485w1 projectors in Earl Shapiro Hall and Blaine Hall.

    If you have a LabNet ID, all you need to do is visit and log in with your regular LabNet username and password.

    Students who don't have a LabNet ID can still use AL, and in fact, so can our Lab School families, given the generous terms of the AL contract. We can't post the log-in information for that on a world-readable web page for obvious reasons, but if you will either ask one of the CS teachers or any IS staff member, they will be happy to provide it. Once you have that information, you can log in using the link above or from the main AL home page.

    Give it a look. We would be surprised if you did and did not find it helpful.

  • Transferring ownership of Google docs

    Posted April 23, 2014

    With the end of our first year using Google Apps approaching, many people are cleaning up their Drives in preparation for the summer, and one question we've been receiving frequently is "how do I transfer ownership of a document to someone else?" Fortunately, the process is quick and easy. Here's how.

  • This Made Us Smile

    Posted April 23, 2014

    We rarely post links for entertainment purposes, but this one made us laugh. Do you still have a Walkman in a closet or drawer somewhere? We think the lad in the video who gets the "Good Point" thumbs up icons is probably a Lab School student.

  • What We're Up To

    Posted April 23, 2014

    A recent blog post on DITBits, Curt's blog, listed the bigger items in process down here in the Lower Level. The URL for DITBits was recently changed as we move from the WordPress platform to the Blogspot platform that is part our Google Drive domain.

    If you are interested in starting a blog, or moving off some other platform you are using, it's really easy to use Blogspot. Kindly contact Joe Kallo to get you going.

  • Heartbleed vulnerability

    Posted April 11, 2014

    You have no doubt been hearing a lot about Heartbleed, a vulnerability in the heavily-used OpenSSL encryption software that protects information on the internet. This weakness makes it possible to steal information including passwords, email, credit cards, etc., believed to be encrypted yet leave no trace of intrusion behind. However, there is no evidence to date that any malicious hackers have taken advantage of it to grab information, though the nature of the weakness is such that it is impossible to know that with any degree of certainty.

    IS reacted swiftly after notification at 3:09 Tuesday afternoon from UC's Network Security team to all UC sub units. Some of our servers, including PowerSchool and the file server, are not vulnerable to this exploit. Any server that could be vulnerable was patched Tuesday, 4/8 and early Wednesday 4/9. We are now moving forward with renewing and replacing the cryptographic keys that could possibly have been compromised.

    You are encouraged to change your passwords regularly and not use the same password for multiple sites. These measures alone can help avoid breaches of personal information. You can also expect that we will be asking people to change or recertify their LabNet IDs once new SSL certificates and encryption keys have been acquired for the servers we patched. More information about the bug in general and UC's advice is below.

DIT Bits Blog

  • Mid-Summer IS Update

    07/09/2013 11:48 AM

    As expected, this very busy summer at Lab is flying right by. Those of us responsible for executing tasks associated with the construction project are putting in some long days during this exciting time in Lab’s history. Today’s post is just a quick summary of where we are. Summer School Support: The Summer School folks [...]