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Our Mission

Our mission at Café Lab is to lay the groundwork for a nutritionally responsible lifestyle by providing wholesome foods to fuel our students bodies while educating and empowering them to make healthy choices. Our full service lunch line contains a variety of options which cater to each child’s needs. Each day Café Lab offers a hot entrée, variety of side dishes, and vegetables as well as a full service deli station, grill, pizza express and salad toss station.

We are vested in the wellness of each student and committed to providing them with the nutrients needed to excel each day. Students who participate in school lunch programs are more likely to consume more milk, meats, grains, vegetables and nutrients on a daily basis than those that do not. We are pleased to assist in that task and to cater to each student’s needs. It is our goal to take care of your children and offer the best possible options that you as a parent expect from your school lunch program.

Meal Plan

Café Lab offers a Meal Plan program for 6th-12th grade. The meal plan program provides a convenient and cost-efficient way for students to purchase a full meal each day with the use of an electronic card. To order a meal plan please click here.

Milk/Juice Plan

In addition to the Meal plan program, a Milk/Juice Plan is offered for the kindergarten, primary and lower schools. A variety of different milk and juice options is distributed to each classroom everyday for the students lunch time.  To order a milk/juice plan please click here.

Build Your Own Bag Lunch 

Parents can order a brown bag lunch for their child to be delivered to their classroom. This program is available for students in Nursery-5th grade (ESH students are eligible for this program).  Bag lunches will be available for families to order via our online system located on the Laboratory Schools website. Lunches will be offered in two different sizes with a variety of menu options each day. Bag lunches will be delivered  to the student’s classroom at lunchtime each day. For more information on the bag lunch program please click here.  

Please feel free to contact The Lab Cafe, with any questions, comments or concerns 773-702-0403 or email

Cafe Lab Menus 

Café Lab Menus

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Hours of Operation

Hours: 7:00 AM- 2:00 PM

Breakfast: 7:30 AM - 9:30 AM
Lunch: 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM

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