We are grateful to all of our fantastic volunteers, whose enthusiasm for the second annual Parents Fund drive will make it an unmitigated success.

You’ll be hearing from these parents throughout the month of October. They are happy to answer any of your questions about the Parents Fund.


  • Michele Seidl
  • Tina Louie
  • Sieglinde Lim-Seiwert

Grade Leads

  • Serena Lal, Nursery 3
  • Meggan Friedman, Nursery 4
  • Katy Hollander, Kindergarten
  • Amelia Klein, grade 1
  • Leslie Lichtenstein, grade 3
  • Susan Kim, grade 4
  • Lisa Smith, grade 5
  • Caroline Grossman, grade 6
  • Amanda Norton, grade 8
  • Katherine Ozment, Freshman
  • Molly Herron, Sophomore
  • Tim Brown, Junior

Ambassadors at large:

  • Karen Duncan
  • Melissa Economy
  • Jaime Morales
  • Samantha Morales
  • Karin Vander Ploeg Booth
If you are interested in joining this group of superb volunteers, please contact us at parentsfund@ucls.uchicago.edu