Alumni Fund

The Alumni Fund helps every student every day. Gifts to this Fund have an immediate and lasting impact — supporting every core component of the Lab experience. Each year, gifts from Lab alumni remain at the heart of our efforts to sustain our great school and ensure that Lab continues to invest in its extraordinary students and faculty.

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Alumni Fund Designations

Possibilities, where Lab needs it most

Whether it is responding to an emerging opportunity, bringing a teacher’s innovative idea to reality, or a supporting a family facing an unforeseen hardship, unrestricted gifts make it possible for the Schools to continue to go beyond the expected in providing an outstanding education to every student.

Scholarship Endowment, becoming a Labbie

An important priority for Lab, these funds make education affordable to those families—across all campuses—whose children would otherwise not be able to attend or remain enrolled in Lab.

Athletics & Student Activities, learning beyond the classroom

These funds supports student pursuits beyond the academic curriculum. Lab offers a wealth of experiences like athletics. Model UN, debate, Bel Canto and so much more—we want to make sure every student has the opportunity to enjoy Lab's extracurriculars and expand their experiential horizons.

02/20/17 UPDATE: A big THANK YOU to the first 85 alumni who have given to the Alumni Fund!

The Board will continue to release an additional $2,500 for every 10 gifts we receive this month! Help us get to our seventh $2,500 installment by giving to the Alumni Fund today:

Eric Posner1984
Benjamin Kirschner1994
Jessica Pate1976
Binita Barai1998
Brooke Casadaban Dilworth1999
Joshua Yeidel1963
Claire Kohrman1952
Seth Sulkin1982
Ethel Yang2009
Jennifer Aliber1976
Rachel A. Duffy1977
Michael Aliber1981
Carla Williams1982
Robert Loke1987
Gregory Bokota1981
Hendrik Woods2002
Josephine Pogue1982
Joshua Telser1975
Polina Ryzhikf2008
Jennifer Roizen1999
William Salam1952
David Northrop1954
Elliot Epstein2002
Charles Fisher2007
Caroline Nelson2002
Mairead Saleh2002
Jordann Nunn2002
Stewart Schuster1963
George Drolsom1951
Richard Kraines1954
Greg Harris1982
Dawn Sirtak1993
Jennifer Harris2008
Tiffany Elder1994
Andy Rosenband1999
Alexander Shakow1952
Catherine Curry1993
Dana Kite1999
George Tressel1942
Diana Stokes1959
Kate Stern1969
Sherry Lansing1962
Ann Snider1965
Ralph Bettman1944
Joshua Levine2002
Emily Stern (Kern)2004
Daniel Wheaton2007
Mariann McKeever1991
Jacob Sklarsky1996
Susan Grad1965
Venkat Mothkur2000
Debra Gittler1998
Anthony Finder1953
Doris Fenvessy1940
Aaron Stern1977
Rebecca Cohen1999
Eric Larson2006
Judith Meyers1951
Micah Jackson1987
Nicholas Samuels1990
Yuri Ikeda1994
George Anders1974
Katherine Hayes2007
Deirdre English1966
Elizabeth Evans1981
Susan Evans1983
Michael Glick2015
Irene Portis-Winner1940
James Raby1947
Herbert Reis1948
Rachel Cropsey Simons1969
Deanna Quan1989
Antonio Guillen2002
Ernesta Krackiewicz1959
Richard Adams1975
Andrea Berry1976
David Stameshkin1963
Joshua Wright-Chisem2005
John Vita1976
Kenneth Leavitt1949
Thomas Bigongiari1982
Jethroe Smith1970
Lynn David Irby1976
Barbara Lloyd1960
Neil Dasgupta2000