The DePencier Society

Named in honor of Ida DePencier, a fifth-grade teacher who taught at Lab for more than three decades beginning in 1925, the DePencier Society was established to recognize all alumni who have generously contributed $1,000 or more to the school.

Lab alumni will always be part of something special and unequaled. A DePencier-level gift significantly furthers Lab’s most fundamental priorities and helps ensure that all Lab students have the opportunity to develop a strong bond with a caring and gifted teacher.

There are many exceptional teachers at Lab whose dedication and ingenuity have likewise inspired generations of students. This society is truly in honor of all of them. Regardless of how you designate your gift, we encourage donors—in the spirit of the DePencier Society—to make your gifts in honor of a special Lab teacher who made a difference to you. Teachers who have been honored by society members to date are:

Lucy Ambrosini
Richard Bartosiewicz
Catie Bell
Earl Bell
Peggy Bevington
Beverly Biggs
Dorothy Brosi Bond
Wayne Brasler
Donald Conway
John R. Davey
Ida DePencier
David Derbes
Maureen Ellis
Margaret Fallers
Steven Farver
Cathy Hynes Feldman
Alice Flickinger
Randy Fowler
Laura Gill, '66
Hanna Goldschmidt
Gregor Heggen
Hal Hoffenkamp
Jan Housinger
Daniel Jones
Vickie Kamberos, '60
Richard Krull
Susan Lesher
Marie Antoinette Martin
Mima Maxey
Darlene McCampbell
Larry McFarlane
Eunice McGuire
Sarah Michaelson
Carol Montag
Philip Montag
Gloria Needlman
Laura Oftedal
Vivian Paley
Bertha Morris Parker
Sandy Patlak
Herbert Pearson
Seth Phelps
Etiennette Pillet
Roger Pillet
Winfred Poole
Nicole Power
Sophie Ravin
Kenneth Rehage
Susan Shapiro
Michael Silverman
Elsie Smithies
David Stameshkin, '63
Morton Tenenberg
Russell Thomas
Harris Vail
Lois Rosenthal Wien
John Wilson
Spike Wilson
Eugene Wittick
Mildred Letton Wittick

Donors who give via donor advised fund may be required to decline such benefits to adhere with gift fund policy guidelines.