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Each year, the Admissions Office makes every effort to welcome as many families as possible into our community.  Unfortunately, due to Lab’s high re-enrollment rate, we cannot always accommodate many deserving applicants.  Typical points of entry vary year by year, but the majority of students enter in Nursery 3 (three year old students) or 9th grade. 

Applying to an Independent School can be an expensive and time-consuming process. In order to minimally burden families, the Admissions Office only initiates full applications when there is a reasonable likelihood of space.  The Interest Pool is designed to keep admissions informed of your interest, and to give us the tools to contact you in the event space becomes available.

Below, please find answers to Frequently Asked Questions.   

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How Do I Join the Interest Pool? 

To join the Interest Pool, please fill out the form below. 

Is the Interest Pool the Same as an Application to Lab? 

No, the Interest Pool is not an application to Lab. By joining the Interest Pool, you are indicating your interest in a grade. If space becomes available through student attrition, the Admissions Office may contact Interest Pool members to begin a full application. 

Does it Cost Money to Join the Interest Pool?

The Interest Pool is free; we welcome your information and your interest!  

Should I Send Additional Materials to the Admissions Office?

Unfortunately, the Admissions Office cannot accept additional documentation. Additional information would only be requested during the formal application process.   

What Information Is Requested During the Formal Application Process?

All applicant families are asked to submit a parent profile, grades/progress reports, and form letters of recommendation (these recommendations forms are supplied to you by Lab; Lab cannot accept other recommendations in lieu of our required forms). Families also visit the Schools for a parent interview and tour, and a student assessment/visit day. Middle and High School students are required to interview, and take the Independent School Entrance Exam. There is an $80 application fee, which is required to process and evaluate application materials. 

Are All Families Required to Go Through the Application Process?

Yes. All families are required to follow the same application process.  

Can I Make an Appointment to Tour the School?

Unfortunately, the Admissions Office cannot tour individual families who are not in the application process. All families may visit Lab’s High School Open House, which is open to the public. However, only the High School will be available for viewing.

What If I Need Financial Aid?

Interest Pool families should not apply for financial aid. Financial aid is only assessed during the formal application process.  

Is the Interest Pool Ranked?

No. There is no “rank” or “order” to the Interest Pool.

Does Lab Ever Contact Interest Pool Members? 

Yes! Over the past few years, we have admitted more than 50 new students from the Interest Pool.  The Admissions Office encourages submission to the Interest Pool, as it is the only way we will know you are interested. There is no disadvantage to joining the interest pool! 

How Many People Join The Interest Pool at Each Grade Level?

The number of people in the interest pool varies at each grade level.  In some cases, however, Lab may not have very many interest pool families. Therefore, your chances are relatively strong if space becomes available!

When Should I Join the Interest Pool?

Families may join the Interest Pool at any time. Families are most strongly encouraged to join the Interest Pool in the months preceding their desired year of enrollment. 

When Can I Expect to Hear?

The Admissions Office contacts families only when space becomes available. If space develops, families may hear from the Admissions Office during Summer Quarter (June, July and August), in the months leading up to the start of school.

As a policy, Lab does not admit families in the middle of the academic year. Therefore, families should not expect to be contacted during the school year.

The Admissions Office carefully monitors space availability throughout the summer. Therefore, there is no need to check on the status of the Interest Pool.  If and when space becomes available, the Admissions Office will contact Interest Pool members to initiate a full application process.

How Do I know My Information is In the System?

When you properly complete the online Interest Pool form, you will receive a confirmation email. This means that your information has successfully uploaded to our system. There is no need to call the Admissions Office to confirm receipt.

Does the Interest Pool “Roll Over”?

The Admissions Office encourages families to join the Interest Pool anew each year, so as to provide the most current information.  

Thank you,
The Admissions Team



Online Interest Pool Form (Please note, this is not an application)