Financial Aid

Each year, Lab provides financial assistance to help meet the needs of students and their families. Lab does not have a specific income limit for financial aid. Rather, the Financial Aid Committee examines a family’s entire financial picture, including income, expenses and other circumstances.

Financial Aid awards are not automatically renewed. Each year, families are required to re-apply for aid. Awards are recalculated annually based on the most recent financial data. In cases of divorce or separation, both parents must submit all required forms.



ALL FAMILIES: Families may begin the process of applying for financial aid for the 2015-2016 academic year starting November 1, 2014. Please check our site at that time for application instructions.

The following organizations may also assist with financial aid:

SALLIE MAE, INC. (K-12) FAMILY EDUCATION LOAN Lab's code is 607735.
DANIEL MURPHY SCHOLARSHIP FUND Grades 9-12. Application deadline is October 24, 2014. 
HFS Grades 9-12. Application deadline is November 14, 2014.
LINK UNLIMITED Grades 9-12. Application deadline is November 7, 2014.


Questions? Call 773-702-9451 or email