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All members of the Lab community are invited as UChicago Distinguished Service Professor and Dean Robert Michael takes us through the The Five Life Decisions that are made in the teens and early twenties. Michael won't tell us or our kids what to choose. Instead, he'll teach us how to make smarter choices. He focuses on five critical decisions we all face about college, career, partners, health, and parenting. A focus on the science of scarcity and choice—concepts used to guide major business decisions and shape national legislation—can offer a solid foundation for our own lives.

There's no singular formula for always making the right choice. But the adaptable framework and rich data at the heart of Michael's research and book can help increase confidence in life's major decisions. We hope you will join us or a conversation about these decisions, and we welcome and urge UHigh students to attend as well. RSVP and pre-order the book. For more information please contact Christie Henry


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Paul Chan is one of the country's most provocative new media artists. His works have been cited for their visual intensity and graphic flair, while posing philosophical questions in order to provoke awareness and debate.

The Constellation Series, is a group of 10 large inkjet drawings from 2005. Chan was inspired to create this work in response to a presidential election, where he was concerned about the administration upholding the constitution. He felt that at times of frustration people look to the heavens for hope. In these works, Chan has renamed 10 constellations from the Milky Way galaxy after "endangered" principles of democracy, such as a free press and freedom of speech. The work articulates Chan's commitment to political idealism in a poetic and unexpected manner

These works are on loan from the Booth School collection. The gallery is open during normal school hours. The next exhibit will be the annual Senior Show, followed by LabArts April 28–May 12.

The artist's diverse background informs the focus on juxtaposition and contrast in his work. Paul Chan was born in Hong Kong, raised in Nebraska, and is currently based in New York. He is a recipient of critical acclaim for his recent films, videos, and projected animations. Chan has presented his work in group shows/screenings at the 2006 Whitney Biennial, the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the 54th Carnegie International in Pittsburgh, and the 8th Biennale d'Art Contempora in de Lyon, France. He has completed several solo projects at the Hammer Museum, UCLA, Guggenheim, and the Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston, among other venues.

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Enrollment is running ahead of last year, so be on time to get the choices you want and earn the Early Bird Discount. Register and pay online before March 15 and you will save $150 per child. Summer Lab—where love of learning spends the summer! Questions are welcome at 773-834-7766. Think Summer!

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Rites of May, one of the oldest and most celebrated traditions at Lab, needs volunteers for its planning committee. Join us as we map out and assign teams to bring about this All School celebration of the Lab Community. This year, Rites of May will feature games and activities for every age (grades N3-12), international and cultural booths, performances, a makerfaire, and more. Your ideas and talents are greatly needed! Contact Tracy Coe with questions.

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All members of the Lab community are invited to the Parents' Association spring meeting. The PA's 2017–18 co-presidents, Amanda Norton and Kim Stolze, will lead the discussion of goals for next year and current and proposed initiatives. As members of the Lab community, your input in this process is invaluable. Please RSVP and help shape the PA's future direction.

All parents are encouraged to attend, ask questions, and provide feedback. Attendance is highly recommended for parents who may be considering running for a Board position. Comments or questions may be directed to
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Please consider nominating yourself or a friend for one of the open positions for the 2017–2018 Parents' Association Board. This is an opportunity to join other parents and work with the Schools' administration and teachers to help foster the creative and collaborative environment Lab offers us all. The following positions are open:

  • President-elect
  • Secretary-elect
  • Treasurer-elect
  • Communications coordinator-elect
  • Earl Shapiro Hall (3 positions)
  • Lower School (2 positions)
  • Middle School (2 positions)
  • High School (2 positions)

Nominations are being accepted through Thursday, March 30, 2017. Please complete this form. Time commitments vary depending on the position, and all positions are for two-year terms. Read the job descriptions on the PA website for further explanations of the open positions and expected time commitments each entails.

We encourage all parents who are interested in running for a position to attend the PA's General Meeting on March 6, 7 p.m. in Judd C116, where the PA's goals for next year will be discussed.

Please feel free to contact Nancy Stern with any questions.
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An ad hoc Security Advisory Committee will be meeting later this month to discuss recent security enhancements and provide the Schools' leadership with perspectives from families, faculty, and staff, as decisions are made about the best ways to maintain a safe and secure campus community.

The members of the committee are:

  • Ryan Allen, MS Dean of Students
  • Ana Campos, HS dean of students
  • Nicholas Edwards, student
  • Eric Heath, UChicago AVP, for Safety & Security
  • Lena Jessen, parent
  • Christopher Jones, executive dir., finance & operations
  • Natasha Kennedy, parent
  • Gabrielle Lyon, parent
  • Jill Mueller, parent
  • Craig Nance, director of security
  • Nicole Power, teacher
  • Elizabeth Van Ha, student
If you have questions, suggestions, or feedback to share, please email the Committee at
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Beth Richie (Lab parent and professor of African American Studies & Criminology, Law & Justice at UIC) will moderate a discussion on how to help our children make sense of, engage with, and act within the current social and political context. This panel hopes to serve as an important resource for Lab parents who have been asking for help in talking with their children about difficult issues, ranging from violence in the city of Chicago; poverty and homelessness in our neighborhoods; racial, gender, religious and ethnic tensions in our communities; and growing intolerance of differences. A distinguished panel of Chicago educators, teachers, parents, and school staff will help us think about these parenting challenges and how to respond.

Each of the panelists has experience talking with parents and children in ways that demonstrate respect for different viewpoints, increase compassion and tolerance, and motivate people to take action in the face difficult circumstances. Panelists include:

  • Ken Garcia-Gonzales, Lab coordinator of diversity, equity and inclusion, Lab parent
  • Kiran Younus, Lab teacher and parent, director River Garden Programs
  • Nakisha Harris Hobbs, principal, Village Leadership Academy
  • See for updates on panel members

The goal of the panel and subsequent Q&A is to have parents leave the session feeling better prepared to have direct and open conversations with their children. The session will close with suggestions for ways to help Lab students become engaged citizens in their community who are thoughtful about taking care of our world and the people in it. Contact Amanda Lewis.

RSVPs are highly encouraged, and required for childcare reservations. This event has been rescheduled from its original February 13 date.
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