LIVE: The classroom cam shows Lab’s new outdoor space taking shape

Outdoor classroom to open for 2017–18 school year

A long-held hope for Lab educators will be realized when the planned outdoor classroom is completed this Fall.

What used to be “Pebbles,” the kindergarten playground adjacent to Kovler Gym, will now serve as a natural space for instruction at all grade levels. The classroom will feature a pond and a stream and be surrounded by “living walls” to create a sense of immersion in the natural world.

Recognizing the multidisciplinary nature of the project, teachers from across subject areas have been involved in the planning. Art classes might use the space to gather inspiration for drawing and photography, while science courses might take the opportunity to get a hands-on look at different life cycles.

“We live in a big city, so giving kids as many opportunities as possible to be up close and deeply connected with the natural world is really important,” notes Lower School Principal Sylvie Anglin.

In addition to connecting students with nature, Ms. Anglin hopes the outdoor classroom will connect students with each other. “The more we look for ways to connect our kids, the smaller the feel of the community.”