Maps, Transportation & Parking

Building Hours

Lab and the University of Chicago work in partnership to ensure that our campus is safe for all those who work and learn here. All parents and visitors may be asked to show a state- or federally-issued ID or, if you work at the University, your University ID card.

  • Earl Shapiro Hall: School days 7:30 a.m –6 p.m.
  • Historic Campus: School days 7:30 a.m.--6 p.m.

Accessing Earl Shapiro Hall and the Campus Card

As part of Lab’s overall campus security program, Earl Shapiro Hall (ESH) is a limited-access building. Parents and legal guardians will always be able to enter the building by checking in with the security officer on duty, but the campus card, while not required, can make it easier to come and go during the school day, outside of drop-off and pick-up times.

The Campus Card (or if you already work for the University, your UChicago Card) allows easy access at the entry doors from 7:30 a.m–6 p.m. weekdays.

How to obtain a Campus Card

  • New parents: Please submit your photo through PowerSchool. Printed cards are distributed at the New Parent Orientation. Returning families: You can have your photo taken and card printed at the UChicago ID & Privileges Office in Regenstein Library. 
  • University employees: If you have a University-issued UChicago Card, it will serve the same purpose at ESH and you do not need to obtain a Campus Card. 
  • Should your Campus Card be lost or stolen, please notify Lab’s Office of the Registrar via email, or 773-834-1662. Cards may be replaced through the UChicago ID & Privileges Office at a cost of $20. 
Campus Card privileges

Your Campus Card identifies you as a parent or guardian to school personnel and children. It also raises the driveway gate and opens the three main entrance doors during regular building hours.

ESH Drop-off and Pick-up Procedures

Parents can park their car in the 60th and Stony Island Avenue UChicago lot and either walk to ESH or catch the Lab Shuttle. Parking is also available on Stony Island Avenue and the Midway. Parking and shuttle information is here. Walking parents or caregivers will pick their children up from the classroom door.

Car: routes and optional School Pass Technology

  • When arriving at ESH for drop-off or pick-up, please follow the routes shown here. 
  • When your car has reached the safe drop-off and pick-up area (the curb facing the Child Development Center), an adult will be on hand to help your child in or out of the car. 
Optional School Pass Technology

  • ESH families may opt to use “School Pass” technology during afternoon dismissals via carline. School Pass is a smart-system that communicates to the teachers when you have arrived in the carline. 
  • Parents can use their existing I-PASS toll transponders or obtain a transponder sticker in the Primary School Office (ESH 201). Each family is entitled to one sticker. Additional stickers are $25 each. Click here to watch tutorial videos on key abilities of School-Pass. 

  • Stroller storage and bike racks are in front of ESH. Additional bike racks are in the back. 
  • Dogs (and pets in general) are not allowed on campus and should not be brought to school during arrival and dismissal, no matter their disposition. Some students are allergic to or afraid of dogs. And well-meaning children, excited to see animals, can overrun and frighten a pet. 
If you have children at both ESH and the Historic Campus

  • Mornings: most find it best to drop off at HC and then proceed to ESH. 
  • Afternoons: start at ESH and then come to HC. 

ESH Extended Day Dismissal Procedures

Extended Day staff will pick up children who are registered for Extended Day and escort them to their activity. Extended Day dismissal occurs in the ESH main lobby and parents will need to park and walk inside to sign out their student.

Accessing the Historic Campus

You may enter the Historic Campus by way of the security desks at each of these main entrances:

  • Blaine Lobby, 1362 E. 59th 
  • Judd Lobby, 5835 S. Kimbark 
  • Middle/High School Lobby, 5840 S. Kenwood 

Historic Campus Drop-off and Pick-up Procedures

Children are dismissed from the classroom. Make sure your child knows your meeting location. If you and your child do not connect, your child should go to his or her school office, where he or she can contact you and wait.


  • Staff are onsite to assist with arrival between 8–8:20 a.m. Approach Blaine along the north side of 59th. Maintain your place in line. Do not pass cars in front of you. Wait until your car is in the designated area to let children out—curbside only. 
  • In the afternoons, the pick-up carline forms on the north side of 59th Street. Enter the carline from Stony Island Avenue. Do not cut in line by entering from other side streets or block intersections. 
  • Wait in your vehicle. Turn on hazard lights to indicate you are part of the carline. 
  •  Keep moving forward, maintaining a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you. Large gaps between cars create safety hazards. 
  • Stay on the north side of 59th Street. Do allow children in and out of cars in the middle of the street. The carline is most crowded on Thursday afternoons when all students at the HC are dismissed at once. 


  • Dogs (and pets in general) are not allowed on campus and should not be brought to school during arrival and dismissal, no matter their disposition. 
  • Bike racks are in Kenwood Mall and along Kimbark. 

HC Extended Day Dismissal Procedures

Extended Day staff will pick up children who are registered for Extended Day and escort them to their activity.Extended Day programs dismiss children at appropriate times in front of Blaine and provide staff to assist.