Director's Office

From Director Robin Appleby 

Lab’s long and rich history is firmly rooted in experiential learning—a philosophy that we believe maximizes the educational experience for our students, be they small or tall. First and foremost, Lab teaches students to be independent thinkers who explore challenging ideas and celebrate the diversity of our school community.

I have been struck by the passion with which all members of this community—students, teachers, staff, parents, and alumni—describe their Lab experience. While fostering strong individuality, our values result in deep connections that last a lifetime. Kindness, born from respect for individuality, permeates our school.

To choose to be part of the Laboratory Schools is to embrace deeply held and widely shared values:

  • We believe in the power of the human intellect. 
  • We believe that learning is an ongoing process that knows no boundaries, no end point. 
  • We believe that our differences strengthen our international community.  
  • We believe that those around us should inspire, support, and—yes—challenge us to work to our fullest potential.

All around Lab is evidence of a life of learning—students and families who are fully engaged, faculty who wouldn’t want to teach anywhere else, and an unparalleled university setting that enriches our community and resources in incomparable ways.

Welcome to Lab.